Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome Aboard Region 11

C4K welcomes the after-school programs of Region 11 to its web-based staff development program. For those of you not from California, California has a statewide system of support that divides the state into 11 service regions. With the exception of Region 11, multiple counties are united in each region, with one county office designated as the lead. Different counties and different administrators provide the lead for a variety of educational initiatives. Los Angeles County is the only county to also be its own Region. Known as Region 11, Los Angeles County has more after-school programs than any other region in California. Mary Jo Ginty, the Region 11 Lead, provides technical assistance to the over 1,200 programs, 7,200 frontline staff and a contingency of program administrators, which serve thousands of students each day in elementary, middle school, and high school programs.

Because of its size—both geographically and number of programs, Region 11 has been divided into Local Learning Communities (LLCs) based on the proximity of programs to one another. These LLCs come together regularly to share best practices with one another. This system has also created an incubator for emerging County leaders. These leaders come together in an Advisory Team that meets each month. C4K had an opportunity to present the website to this Advisory Team in September, and with the approval of its Advisory Team, the Region is on board to use the C4K web-based services to support staff development across the Region. As individual programs large and small sign up to become part of the C4K family, we at C4K are thrilled with the opportunity to work with such a wide array of after-school programs.

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