Thursday, May 26, 2011

For those that made it through the storm…

In a grueling year for school districts across the country, many teachers and administrators must be sighing in relief for the summer. Budget cuts leading to staff shortages, increased student-teacher ratio’s, minimal material supplies, and of course, cut salaries, are all reasons to take advantage of the few summer months of summer break.

Here’s some idea’s for teachers:
(please note: we realize most of you are on your own budget’s because of your pay cuts and we have taken that into consideration)

Book Clubs
Start a book club with fellow teachers, friends or neighbors. You can even think of a cool name like: Kindle Club or BYOB: Bring your own Book
Barnes and Noble Hit List

Take up a hobby (or finish those hobbies that have been hiding in your closet)
Gardening, cooking, dancing, sports... the possibilities are endless. You can even do some with your kids and friends.

Of course the best and first possibility is to volunteer with Consult 4 Kids. There are a variety of different opportunities, especially that align with teacher’s skills and abilities. Our listings (and others) can be found online at or give us a call at 661-322-4347.

Visit your city
Getting to know your city can be a great way to have fun and prepare lessons for the next school year. You might be surprised with your cities history or current happenings. Check out

And of course…for the risk takers, adventurer, and slightly more boisterous folk, you can:

Learn to dance
Okay, you might not be a perfect 10, but definitely can take a chance. Great way to explore new territory and even meet new people.

Create a cause
Be the one to start something in your community. Even if it’s raising funds or awareness for you, personally as a teacher, get your communities support. There are many businesses and organizations that will back your efforts in education awareness.

TAKE the actual vacation.
Get AWAY. We realize gas is expensive, however, if you do some research, you can find cheap flights or even share gas costs with some road trippers. Believe it or not, there are many historic places that are still FREE. Have you heard of the Grand Canyon? Free. Again, you just have to do some research. Did you know Southwest Airlines has web features to find you the cheapest tickets by being flexible with your dates, and even special deals on some Tuesdays? Ask around. If you know a coupon queen.. they are bound to be “in the know.”

School staff… Consult4Kids loves you. We appreciate the work you do. A joyful blessed summer is quite well deserved.

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