Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Experience Speaks

KidSpirit Online

KidSpirit is a nonprofit magazine that is written by and for students. Each issue contains writing, art, and news about students who are excelling in a particular area. KidSpirit is known for giving students a voice to speak out on the big questions that we all face in life. The heart-felt and surprisingly sophisticated entries allow adults and students to hear what young people have to say on life’s big issues.

Each issue released by KidSpirit has an overall featured theme for the month and all art work and student responses revolve around one main idea. This helps students decide what to think about, which makes creating something much easier. Kid Spirit is unique and encourages students to be engaged and active in understanding the world around them. They do a great thing by providing a magazine that is by and for kids

The KidSpirit mission is laid out on their website as follows:

“The quarterly magazine is a unique forum for kids to tackle age-old questions that affect us all. We want to help the young people of the world show their colors and share each others’ cultures, art, beliefs, ethics and values. Our goal is to encourage varied perspectives and contribute to greater mutual understanding in our lives and our world.”

With a mission like that, there is no way that Consult 4 Kids could not congratulate them on all of the great work they do for youth. The most encouraging part is that as an afterschool professional, you have the opportunity to discover hidden talents within students and give them the chance to have their talents appreciated by others. Check out the KidSpirit website at www.kidspiritonline.com and see how you can get the youth you work with involved.

Consult 4 Kids would like to recognize and thank everyone involved with KidSpirit and we are always eager to see what else they are accomplishing for youth.

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