Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Learning Part II

Running a summer learning program can be expensive and if you are focused on supporting ASES and 21st Century programs that work closely with the school day with your fund raising efforts, it might be challenging to find the moneys needed to support summer.

So how can you support summer learning and help reduce the effects of summer learning loss on a shoestring?  Here are five things that you might consider suggesting in an end-of-the-year parent meeting.

  1. Invite the local librarian to come to your meeting and share the library’s summer reading program.  If you can, incentivize it by letting kids know you will celebrate with everyone who meets the library’s summer reading challenge.
  2. We all know that kids will watch TV in the summer.  Ask them to select a character that they like and write about what happens during each episode--3-5 sentences will be perfect.  They can bring their writing log back to you in the fall and you can celebrate together. 
  3. Check in with City Parks and Rec departments and see what events they have going on in the summer.  Just being around others and learning something new (even if it is how to swim) will be helpful.  Create a Summer Passport that the youth can get signed off by the Parks and Rec folks.  Have them return this to you in the fall—again joining in celebration of the accomplishment.
  4. Check in with local attractions--museums, zoos, book stores, etc. and find out what free things they have going on in the summer.  Create a calendar of these activities and share with youth and families. 
  5. Create a Summer Passport of activities that the youth can do while at home--learn how to make the bed, fix a snack, walk the dog, exercise for 15 minutes each day, read a magazine--anything that can keep them busy and learning.
It is important that you encourage youth to get outdoors, be active and keep their minds on full alert during the summer.  Don’t be surprised if your suggestions are implemented.  Many times parents simply haven’t “thought about” what activities are available. 

Check out Facts About Summer Learning Loss,  a C4K Module.

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