Friday, July 26, 2013

What Does Humor Tell Us?

Have you ever heard or used the expression, “If I weren’t laughing I would be crying?”  If you think about it, laughing and crying are both strong emotions and when we have an experience, especially one that doesn’t go well, these emotions are very close together.  Some folks believe that if you are laughing you are not taking things seriously.  I’m not sure that this is the case.  I think that laughter, like crying is often used as a way to release the tension that is building up inside of a person. 
Take for example the video I recently viewed entitled,
"I Choose C"
“Why We Need Common Core:  IChoose C”. 
This video for me is the perfect example of the statement, “If I weren’t laughing I would be crying.”  When I first watched it I laughed and found a great deal of humor in the way this very serious topic was presented.  The girl in the video has been schooled, but she certainly has been educated.  Her comment, “I don’t think my public education prepared me…” is, in my opinion, right on the money.  Since my first viewing I’ve probably watched it another 15 times in different contexts.  Each time I chuckle, but each time I am reminded of how ineffective our standardized test system has been in preparing our young people for the world.  So the humor in the video relieves the tension, allows us to acknowledge the point of view, laugh at ourselves (certainly no one intentionally wanted youth to be unprepared for the world of college and career), regroup, and figure out a different approach and path.
The ability to find humor in situations is also a way to appreciate the whimsical, the seemingly unimportant,  that will, like all other experiences, either confirm what we already believe to be true, adjust our point of view, or provide for us an AHA moment.  Humor can certainly bring us to laughter and help us see things more clearly.

Let us know what you think about humor, “I Choose C”, or the last seemingly whimsical experience that has impacted your life.   

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