Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Holistic Look at Wellness

Wellness certainly is physical activity, but it is also nutrition education, developing conflict resolution strategies (including ways to stopping bullying) and character and leadership development.  If we focus only on one aspect of wellness we are failing to look at the “whole child”, body, heart, mind and spirit.  Wellness is about being well in every arena.  All of our systems are interconnected and when we work on one aspect of our lives we are at least indirectly working on others, and when we do this with youth, we are helping them to find harmonic balance. 

For an overview of healthy living check out C4K’s Healthy Living Mini by clicking on this link:    We also have videos about Physical Activity including a video with this title by Isaac Buentello. and an overview of free Nutrition Education Materials by clicking on this link   To support conflict resolution solutions and character education, C4K also has plans in Lesson Plans made EZ that have over 80 lesson plans for Conflict Resolution and Character Education.  You can check these out by clicking on this link .
This year let’s focus on supporting wellness holistically. 

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