Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Advocacy Continued

The California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance, CA3 has been formed to keep the field in California up-to-date on issues that directly affect California’s publicly funded after-school programs. It is taking on some of the responsibilities of the League of California Afterschool Providers and is currently transitioning that work to the CA3 website at www.ca3advocacy.org. They will regularly publish a newsletter with the intention of keeping all of us informed about what is going on in California. Things that are covered in this first update include information on Governor Brown’s plan for closing the $25 billion budget gap over the next 18 months, including $12.5 billion in spending cuts that are contingent upon a $12.5 billion increase is revenue. Currently there are no cuts proposed for after-school funding and also no plan to put Prop 49 back on the ballot.

There is a plan to cut the State funded child care programs by $750 million by eliminating subsidized care for 11 and 12 year old children. Should this go through, some after-school programs might experience an increase in this age group of students.

The newsletter also updates you on what is going on federally and highlights information on newly passed legislation that can affect after-school programming such as the Child Nutrition Reauthorization and after-school meals. Lists of Freshman Legislators are included along with ways to access those folks and a list of which district the person is serving in. Information about key committees is also available.

So, if you are not hooked up with this organization, you might want to be, as you can get the information you need in a one-stop shop. To be an advocate, you too need to know what is going on legislatively as well as what you are doing in your program. Join the cause and advocate for after-school and summer learning across California.

If you are not in California then I would encourage you to tap into the Afterschool Alliance at www.afterschoolalliance.org.

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