Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer Learning

More and more information and data are being published to encourage those of us in after-school to find a way to support summer learning. A report by the Afterschool Alliance entitled “Special Report on Summer: Missed Opportunities, Unmet Demand”, found that “only 25 percent of school-aged children participate in summer learning programs, but the demand for such programs among parents was significantly higher. Research has shown that when young people are not engaged in ongoing learning activities, they lose ground academically. Quality summer programming is key to preventing “summer learning loss," the decline in skills and knowledge that can take place during the summer months. The article, supported by the Wallace Foundation, went on to say, “High quality summer learning programs help young people catch up, keep up, and work ahead, while exploring new talents and skills they will need to be competitive in the global economy.”

The National Summer Learning Association is a national organization that can provide you with up-to-date information about summer learning, including best practices, available training (including an annual conference), and a repository of summer learning research. The Association provides practical support for programs across the country which can be easily accessed by going to their website. Here is a screen shot of their website:

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