Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Services on the Consult 4 Kids Website

As consumers, we tend to shy away from the words, “Free Services”. We are leery that the promise of free is just an invitation to disaster, so we tend to shy away. I can assure you that the free services on the Consults 4 Kids website are exactly that. Now please don’t hear these words to indicate that there are now paid services on the website, but there are an abundance of free services that would be of interest to after-school professionals.

So log in to www.consultfourkids.com and you will come across a screen that looks like this:

Underneath the banner there are a series of buttons both above and below the “Sharing Expertise ~ Providing Solutions” tag line. Everything on these buttons is a free service. Probably two of the most germane to after-school staff would be the Social Community and the Student Chatter.

The Social Community provides you with a form to create a wall for yourself or your after-school program. You can add pictures, comments daily, comment on the things that others have posted, and so on. In other words, it is a mini “Facebook” for sharing after-school with one another.

The Student Chatter gives you an opportunity to have your students contribute to the website by participating in the monthly surveys and questions. For example, this screen shot shows the questions posed for the month of February as well as some of the student responses to January’s topics.

You could also communicate other things of interest on this space. Remember that you can showcase your youth, at absolutely no cost, and then your young people can go online to see the responses they offered.

Check out the C4K website, explore the free services and then provide feedback to C4K on how those services work for you.

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