Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Paid Services of Consult 4 Kids

The center buttons on the Consult 4 Kids website link the users to paid services. As you can see in the screen shot below, these paid services include Vocational Training, Online Instruction, the Treasure Chest and finally the C4K Team of consultants and trainers.

Two of these paid services, Vocational Training and Online Instruction are geared to providing practical staff development for frontline staff. Vocational Training is a written training—complete with chapters, quizzes and tests, that lays foundational understanding for both Program Leaders (the folks who work directly with students each day) and the Site Coordinators who oversee the program site, handling the logistics, the relationships, and much of the planning for program. Online Instruction, on the other hand, has a large collection of videos for these two frontline staff positions, in the form of Minis, Modules, Lessons, and Classes, which run from just under 3 minutes to approximately 30 minutes (depending on what you select), and offer training for staff. You can check these out by signing up first for a Free Membership and taking advantage of the preview materials. After you’ve checked it out, then you can make a commitment to the service if it makes sense to you.

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