Monday, April 4, 2011

Mirror, mirror... U.S. doesn't have lowest scores of them all

While moseying around looking for some positive insights for an ever struggling education world (thank you budget cuts), I happened to come across this...

Look, look! We aren't last on the list! Though we are far from the highest average score, we are not at the bottom.

What I found even more interesting was the disclaimer that followed The U.S.:

3 PISA 2006 reading literacy results are not reported for the United States because of an error in printing the test booklets. In several areas of the reading literacy assessment, students were incorrectly instructed to refer to the passage on the “opposite page” when, in fact, the necessary passage appeared on the previous page. Because of the small number of items used in assessing reading literacy, it was not possible to recalibrate the score to exclude the affected items. Also as a result of the printing error, the mean performance in mathematics and science may be misestimated by approximately 1 score point. The impact is below one standard error.

Makes you wonder... should we have been lower on the list?

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