Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Student Chatter – What do Youth Have to Say?

It is amazing to hear what young people have to say about the events and situations they encounter throughout their lives. The Student Chatter section on the Consult 4 Kids website provides a fantastic place for people, students and professionals alike, to read “first hand” what students think about when they are asked to respond to given questions.

Each month, Consult 4 Kids provides new questions to pose to students and also posts student responses to the previous month’s questions. The responses gathered by the Consult 4 Kids team reflect the personalities and abilities of today’s youth while providing them with an outlet to express how they feel about the things they deal with in their life.

Here are a few responses to the questions that were presented in June 2011. See what students had to say about their experiences throughout the year and how they plan to move forward in the next grade.

What was your most memorable moment from the past school year?

  • “I remember when my teacher accidentally let our classroom bunny out of the cage and we all were trying to catch him because he was running all over the place.”
    -Julie, 3rd Grade
  • "When my friends and I played football at recess. We always had a lot of fun and my mom didn’t like when I came home all dirty."
    -Anton, 5th Grade

What are looking forward to most about moving on to the next grade?

  • "Getting to know new friends."
    -Robby, 1st Grade
  • “Being out of middles school! I’m excited to be at a high school level and prepare for bigger, better things.”
    -Jill, 9th Grade

What are your summer vacation plans?

  • "My mommy said we get to go to Disneyland this summer. I like Mickey Mouse, and Cinderella too!"
    -Becky, 1st Grade
  • "Every year my family goes camping in Yellowstone. I’m glad they get to take time off work and spend time with my sisters and I.”
    -Richard, 6th Grade
  • “I think I get to babysit my younger sisters and brothers. Hopefully I get to sleep in!”
    -John, 10th Grade

What if you favorite thing about summer vacation?

  • "Being home with my family."
    -Liz, 2nd Grade
  • "My favorite thing about summer vacation is that its great weather and I can spend time outside in our pool or go down to the lake with my family. There’s always great weather, so there’s always a good reason to spend time outside."
    -Simon, 8th Grade

Check out the Consult 4 Kids website to read the different student chatter responses for months throughout the year.

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