Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frontline Staff

Consult 4 Kids receives a lot of input from the frontline staff out in the field. We provide a forum for afterschool professionals to share their experiences, challenges, praises, and best practices with other professionals in the field. Often, when we are struggling though issues or problems, we forget that there is probably someone out there who has dealt with similar, if not identical, issues and problems. It is valuable to connect with people in the field who have had similar experiences and learn how they were able to overcome the challenge.

Check out what tips and tricks these frontline staff members have to offer other professionals in the field…

As a SC I have found a best practice…While we remain a work in progress in the 2010-2011 School year, alignment efforts were significant and made the site stronger. To relate a few examples of how, we: this year two of my PLs developed strong relationships with various teachers in the grades they work with and teachers across all grades have seen the program as more than just Child Care; Resources have been shared with the program and collaborative efforts have been made to motivate students academically and behaviorally; The Principal has also praised this collaboration. Moving into next year we would like to work more at interventions and evaluating students with the greatest need.
Shaun Irving, Sunnyslope Elementary, THINK Together

To have the students wear their name badges every day we have numbered them and we do a quick candy raffle.
1. number the name badges
2. number popsicle sticks to match
3. draw sticks daily and pass out candy
I also like to write one word notes on the back of their name badges, like respectful. They really like to keep their badge once they have earned the title.
- April Hueftle, Wildomar Elementary, THINK Together

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