Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Student Chatter – What do Youth Have to Say?

It is amazing to hear what young people have to say about the events and situations they encounter throughout their lives. The Student Chatter section on the Consult 4 Kids website provides a fantastic place for people, students and professionals alike, to read “first hand” what students think about when they are asked to respond to given questions.

Each month, Consult 4 Kids provides new questions to pose to students and also posts student responses to the previous month’s questions. The responses gathered by the Consult 4 Kids team reflect the personalities and abilities of today’s youth while providing them with an outlet to express how they feel about the things they deal with in their life.

Here are some responses to the questions posted in July 2011. See what youth had to day about their experiences during the summer.

What have you done so far this summer that has been fun?
• “I went to summer camp and learned how to ride horses.” – Charlotte, 6th Grade
• “My family spent three weeks camping at the beach.” – Jamie, 1st Grade
• “I helped my grandma make cookies for the neighbors.” – Kate, 2nd Grade

If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?
• “If I could go on vacation anywhere it would be to visit my family in Ohio.” – Max, 4th Grade
• “I would go to the beach, in San Diego, California.” – Jane, 6th Grade
• “If I could go anywhere, I would go somewhere out of the country like Paris.” – Stacey, 11th Grade

What has been your greatest family vacation?
• “My greatest family vacation was when I went to Mexico for two weeks to visit my family.” – Sergio, 4th Grade
• “The best family vacation I ever took was when my family went to Florida to go to Disneyworld.” – Dora, 5th Grade
• “My favorite family vacation was when my mother took me to Nevada to visit my grandparents.” – Bella, 8th Grade

Who has been an inspiration to you this summer?
• “My mother has inspired me this summer; she is always there and never fails at having the right answer.” – Alex, 11th Grade
• “My older sister is who has inspired me this summer.” – Kaleb, 7th Grade.
• “My camp leader has been an inspiration to me this summer.” Lexi, 5th Grade

Check out the Consult 4 Kids website to read the different student chatter responses for months throughout the year.

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