Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Approach to Learning

Are you familiar with Dale's Cone?

As you can see, the more involved a person is with the learning, the more they are able to demonstrate, apply and practice what they have learned.  The next level allows the learner to analyze, create and evaluate/analyze what is going and share the learning with others. 

Learning translated into staff development follows this pattern and has two distinct components:  training and field coaching.  No one does this better than Consult 4 Kids consultants.  These seasoned professionals bring experience backed by skill to the work they do with clients.  C4K’s Online Instruction and Vocational Training provide wonderful foundational support for frontline staff.  After participating in this online or written training, staff is able to demonstrate, apply and practice.  It is the face-to-face interaction with a seasoned professional that helps staff to move to the next level and analyze and assess what is happening, and then determine next steps.  When you combine these two powerful forces--you have created a platform for high-quality programming supported by exemplary staff performance. 
Afterschool professionals who have experienced C4K’s written, virtual, and live, face-to-face support have this to say:

"Liz's particular gift is mentoring, guiding, and acting as a coach for adults who are working directly with youth. Combined with a huge after-school skill set, Liz has spent much time training, coaching and consulting throughout California on many topics including leadership development, youth management, curriculum development and delivery, and special projects. All levels of staff find Liz relevant as she shares many practical "in-the-field" techniques gained through years of experience. Liz believes that her purpose in life is to support and educate the youth in our communities."

"Debra, at our recent training, you had a way of engaging us in so many strategies based on your many years of working with students and current research that we left with a myriad of possibilities. You taught us unique ways to engage students in life-long learning. Thank you!"

“Aleah’s experience has given her the opportunity to gain invaluable strategies, knowledge and leadership support and share the proven best practices with us.  Aleah, you are the greatest!” 

"I have worked with Brett for the last school two years. It has been an awesome learning experience. His training and knowledge has truly enhanced my ability to lead my team and move them forward in afterschool. I have learned so much in this time working with him and being under his leadership. I am a better person personally and professionally. Thanks Consult 4 Kids." 

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