Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning Modalities

There are four major learning modalities—the way in which a person processes information.  These four are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and digital. 

Visual learners learn by seeing--- Many people who have grown up in a media rich environment will tend to be visual learners.  Visual learners benefit from guided imagery, taking and copying notes, watching a demonstration, highlight text, using flash cards, viewing diagrams, graphs, and photos, and of course, videos.  C4K presents staff development through visual learning—Minis, Modules, Lessons, and Classes.

Auditory learners learn by hearing--- These learners enjoy listening to lectures and also benefit from audio books and presentations.  Auditory learners enjoy reading aloud, instructions given verbally, word associations, group discussions, rhythmic sounds, music and lyrics, and of course, television.  C4K has a sound track on its videos and also an audio version of the Vocational Training content.

Kinesthetic or tactile learners learn by doing--- The first-hand experience is best for the kinesthetic learner as it allows them to take in the situation with all of the senses.  Kinesthetic learners are not interested in someone telling them what they have just experienced; they are fine taking in the experience and coming to their own conclusions.  Kinesthetic learners like experiments and labs, role play, games, problem solving, writing notes, making lists, and connecting emotions with concepts.  C4K includes kinesthetic learning in its C4K Minute—Making It Real, opportunities to reflect and write one’s thoughts, about the topics discussed.

Digital learners learn in the world of digital media---computers, cell phones, and laptops.  These learners like learning to be fast-paced.  Digital learners eagerly join social media networks, read Blogs, Tweet, and share images on Flickr.  Digital media is normal fair.  C4K is obviously web-based, has both static and dynamic tabs, links to other sites, and in Online Instruction a variety of digital training videos.
Working with all four of these learning modalities effectively is one of C4K’s goals.  What kind of a learner are you?  Of course no one is a purist, but we all have one modality that we prefer.  Let us know about you.

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