Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Importance of Preparing Staff

Ask yourself “What does a well-prepared staff member do?” and “How do you build the capacity of staff to truly lead program?”  By asking these questions up from you will be able to begin with the end in mind when you plan your staff development program and will be more likely to have the staff you desire.  So here are C4K’s answers to these two questions:
Well-prepared frontline staff members understand the importance of professionalism, maintaining safety for themselves and youth, how to manage the environment, guide behavior and provide discipline; while offering well-prepared learning opportunities that capture all aspects of holistic instruction, manage transitions, routinely debrief the experience, and understand and practice the difference between direct and tell and questioning to connection. 

Well-prepared frontline staff and site leaders understand the various program components—opening, closing, homework assistance, enrichment, healthy living, and academic support and how to support these components through a youth development approach and mindset.

Well-prepared site leaders understand the different hats they wear—supervisor, trainer, coach, facilitator, change agent, mentor, and when to use which hat.

Well-prepared staff are certainly executing the day-to-day of program, but more than that they are also considering how to strengthen program and their own performance.  They are building skills as a leader and deepening an understanding of youth and how best to support them.  Well-prepared staff is essential for operating and sustaining a high quality programming.

Check out Consult 4 Kids (connect to the overview of the Nifty 9 and an excerpt of the many hats of site coordinators in the Vocational Training.

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