Thursday, December 26, 2013

Who Is C4K?

C4K is committed to social justice and believes that social justice can be achieved when a space is created for social change, and that this space is found, in part, in the out-of-school time arena. C4K believes in the words of Margaret Mead who stated:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

As a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens, C4K has a dream. The dream is of a cadre of young people who day-to-day practice the advanced citizenship required of Americans. This group of young adults will be:
  • Economically self-sufficient—able to financially take care of themselves;
  • In positive relationships with family, friends, peers, and colleagues;
  • Involved in giving back to the community and offering a hand-up to others.
C4K operates from a core set of values.
  • We value learning. As human beings were are always learning and evolving. Although it is easier to see when children are young, learning is a continued state of personal advancement.
  • We value Current Best Thinking which allows you to "grow" your thinking as you acquire more knowledge and experience.
  • We value the synergy that occurs when people of good will and like passion come together to find solutions.
  • We value the celebration of the unique contribution that each person brings to the world because of the distinctive combination of talents and gifts.
  • We value sharing with others insight, best practices, and practical tips around the creation, implementation and sustainability of high-quality programs for youth
These values have provided the foundation for our beliefs.
  • We believe in unleashing the power of each person to realize his/her potential.
  • We believe after-school can increase learning time for young people in such a way that a pupil’s strongest learning modalities and multiple intelligences can be harnessed to unleash the potential within.
  • We believe youth are best served by highly-trained staff who are able to see young people holistically and as possibilities to be developed.
  • We believe exemplary staff performance yields high-quality learning opportunities for young people.
  • We believe prevention is much more effective than intervention, and as a bonus, it is usually much less expensive.
Our mission:
  • Provide first-rate staff development for the after-school workforce which results in exemplary performance and the creation of high-quality after-school programs.

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