Thursday, January 30, 2014

Parent Engagement

More and more we are realizing that we must engage the family if we are going to properly support young people throughout their years in school and beyond, into the workplace.  While we’ve long understaood that parents are a child’s “first teacher”, we have not embraced the importance of the parent and the family in providing the support young people need on a day-to-day basis.  It is more than just food, clothing, and a place to live—it is about having high expectations and hopes for the future and then KNOWING what to do to support your child in his/her pursuits.  If our parents understood the “system”, we benefitted from it.  It is essential that we see to it all youth have the same sort of support.  Recently an organization, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools was brought to my attention.  They have an effective system in place for engaging parents.  Below is some information from their website that you can access at

Parent College
The “Parent College” is an initiative led by the Partnership, which provides resources to create school-site based, academically focused activities and workshops that help parents and guardians understand how to support their child’s education.  At Parent Colleges, parents learn about the “Three R’s” - Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities at schools to encourage parent participation.  Themes range in topic from analyzing budget cuts to how to read student report cards. Now in its second year, the “Parent College” has nearly 1,000 members.
Partnership Family University Days
To encourage all families to begin to explore college as an option for their children, the Partnership currently hosts Family University Days, a program that allows families get to spend a day at local colleges and universities where they are able to explore the campus, meet current students, attend informative workshops, and see firsthand what the college environment looks like.

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