Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sci-Gineering—Combining Science and Engineering

Are you looking for support with STEM in your afterschool program?  Do you need something relatively “turnkey” but with enough support so you and your staff can be successful?  Do you need something designed to ultimately prepare your staff to facilitate STEM learning by developing both their competency and capacity?  If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes” then we invite you to check out C4K’s Sci-Gineering program.  Sci-Gineering focuses on the engineering process—ask (what are the problems and what are the constraints), imagine (brainstorm ideas and chose the best one), plan (draw a diagram and gather needed materials), create (follow the plan and test it out), improve (discuss what can be done to make it better and repeat the steps to make changes).  It incorporates Habits of the Mind with content knowledge and also information about and practice with different questioning strategies.  The experiences for youth are hands on and minds on, and begin with the STEM learning goals.

We believe Sci-Gineering is a useful tool for afterschool programs.  It comes complete with lesson plans and training and optional site materials kits.  To find out more check out Sci-Gineering on our website at www.consultfourkids.com

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