Wednesday, October 13, 2010

C4K—Vocational Training

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is asked of children every day. As a child, we are full of thoughts about our future jobs or careers, but as we get out into the world, we can struggle to make a choice that will allow us to live a fulfilled life, learn skills that allow us to fully use our talents, and make a difference in the world. Get the education you need to put your passion and skills to work.

While there are many career options, masseur, manicurist, dental assistant, these careers take at least a year of preparation, (in some cases more than that), and have little opportunity for career advancement. After-school is an emerging field, and becoming a part of it is being on the ground floor of the future.

After-school Programs can be found in some form or another in nearly every city and town in the Nation. Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Educations says, "If we are serious about having more students be productive citizens, if we are serious about having more students prepared to be successful in college, dramatically improving the quality and the quantity of after-school programming is going to be at the heart of our work as a country."

To be an exemplary performer in the world of after-school requires a great deal of knowledge followed by the ability to implement that knowledge in a way that helps young people to explore interests and academic accomplishment. Providing comprehensive training for after-school staff is not particularly easy.

So, how can you prepare for this opportunity? C4K offers you a learning experience that is flexible—join a face-to-face or online class. We put you first, your schedule, your availability, your talent. C4K’s Vocational Training was written by practitioners who have developed expertise by being a part of an after-school program.

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