Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The word “troubleshooting” refers to the ability to identify a problem (hopefully in real time) and figure out what to do to change the problem into a success. Several things need to be in place for a challenge to be successfully transformed.

You must be present, totally in the moment. In order to truly understand what is going on, you must “show up and choose to be present”. Being present allows you the opportunity to pay attention to what is going on in many venues and assimilate that information in order to holistically view the challenge.

Seek 360° input if at all possible from everyone who is involved in the challenge. This 360° perspective will be immensely helpful. You will gain understanding that you would not otherwise have.

Deliberate on the information you have attained and ask yourself if you need to continue as you are, gather more information, or change courses altogether. This deliberation is like putting together a puzzle and determining what is really going on.

Seek expertise if you need to. Sometimes you may simply need the viewpoint of an expert. If you do, communicate with someone who you believe may have a solution for the challenge you are facing. C4K allows you to access experts by clicking on the Troubleshooting link. Once there, you will succinctly capture your challenge, send it off, and then someone who is an experienced after-school professional will respond within 72 hours.

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