Friday, October 8, 2010

Consult 4 Kids—Online Instruction

In 2002, a Delphi study on the future of after-school identified the staff training and development would be one of the most significant challenges facing after-school. The words of the consulted experts echo in the ears of program managers and directors everywhere.

Like the experts of the Delphi study, Consult 4 Kids (C4K) is very clear that to have a high-quality after-school program you must have exemplary staff. The importance of a strong staff development program is essential. Working with young people is complex and requires you to have a wide-range of knowledge, strategies, and "tricks of the trade" to draw on. So the question is, “what is your staff development challenge?” Is it that you have ongoing staff turnover and many of your frontline staff come to work AFTER the pre-service training at the beginning of the school year and there are huge challenges about “redoing” that intensive training? Is it that those you train seem to “forget” the training they have had when trying to implement with students? Is it that the time you have with staff is being spent on developing knowledge and understanding, rather than coaching staff to implement successfully? Whether one of these represents your challenge or it is something else, Consult 4 Kids has a solution that will support your staff training efforts. That solution is Online Instruction.

C4K's Online Instruction lets you and your staff build the necessary skills and understanding to run a high-quality program. Online Instruction is a patient teacher and gives you and your staff the opportunity to learn at a pace that makes sense for you, decide how many times you want to review the material, and provides you the convenience that busy people need. With only a standard Web Browser you can quickly access Online Instruction.

C4K has designed a series of Online Instruction media to meet the ongoing comprehensive needs of staff development.

3 Minute Minis: These Online Instruction Minis cover topics like Homework Basics, Attention Getters, Line of Sight, Questioning Techniques and Teaching Moments. Minis end with a quick review of the key points.

7 Minute Modules: These Online Instruction Modules provide "how to" examples of topics like Levels of Leadership and the Ownership Model, Transitions, Moving from Activity to Learning Opportunity, and Powerful Openings. At the end of the Module there is a review of key points.

The Lessons: These Online Instruction Lessons including Professionalism, Making Your Attendance Number, Planning, Coaching Youth and Data Collection, look closely at the aspects of quality programming. Practical application tips can be found throughout the Lessons.

The Classes: The Online Instruction Classes take a close look at complex topics such as Recruiting Youth for Middle School Programs, Dealing With Difficult People, Conflict Resolution Building Relationships, and Homework. Classes provide Program Leaders and Site Coordinators with critical information for running high-quality programs.

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