Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FREE Webinars for Afterschool Professionals - Tuesday, September 18!

We are happy to offer free webinars to our list of professional development support we provide to the afterschool field. These courses are designed for all levels of staff, from frontline staff to site coordinators to even those directing multiple programs and blend the online instruction that web-based training gives with real time interaction and feedback. That means that any time during the course, you can ask a question, make a comment or contribute to a conversation along with all the other participants joining the webinar. Our expert trainers respond and use this feedback to guide the learning.

We know that true development doesn't happen in one one-hour training, so we've structured the webinars to build upon each other with a new topic every third Tuesday of the month. They are a great for individual development, as well as team and group development. Participate in the webinars with colleagues and use them as discussion topics for meetings. We even record the sessions, so if you ever need to a refresher, all you have to do is click the play button.

Our third installment of the Consult 4 Kids webinar series for program leaders, site coordinators and middle managers continues Tuesday, September 18th, 2012. Space is limited! Reserve your seat for these free webinars today!

A complete schedule with webinar topics for each group will be available soon. Check our Facebook and Twitter for more information!

**Special offer: Register before Friday, September 7th to receive your free gift of a 30 day access to Program Made EZ Lesson Plans.

Upcoming Webinars
Date & Time
Suggested Participants
Tuesday, September 18
10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST
Mid-Management staff who lead multiple sites
What do the best coaches have in common? Are they great motivators? Do they have great players? Are they great strategists? Are they extremely organized? Do they have great systems? C4K believes that all these things are critically important to the successful coach. This webinar will focus on both the “what” and the “how” of coaching. We have systematized the coaching process so you can follow a step-by-step recipe for success in moving staff forward in a way where the ownership of that task will fall on the coached, not the coach. We will touch on the strategy of Side-by-Side coaching and go deep into the modified coaching process. Together we can fuse the art and science of coaching to enhance your already great work.
Tuesday, September 18
11:15 AM PST /
2:15 PM EST
Site coordinators who supervise frontline staff and oversee program site operations
Intentionally setting a positive tone and focus for the day happens in that few minutes before program begins. Taking the time with this mind-set piece can dramatically change the climate and culture of your program. Learn some simple strategies to make this time effective.
Tuesday, September 18
12:30 PM PST /
3:30 PM EST
Program Leaders and frontline staff who work directly with kids
While prevention is the key, now and again youth must be provided with consequences for the choices they have made. Join this webinar for frontline staff members for tips and strategies to create an effective discipline system. Topics include Conversations, Creating Your Discipline System and Communicating with Parents.

For more information on our monthly webinar series, contact us here or call us at (661) 322 - 4347.

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