Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What We're Reading: "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek

Master consultant, CynDee, is reading Start With Why. Check out her takeaways below.

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Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, discusses the importance of knowing why we do the work we do and then sharing that why with anyone who will listen.  Sinek describes what he calls the Golden CircleAt the center of this circle is the WHY?  This circle describes the reason we do what we do.  In other words, the cause that we value and embrace is found in the center.  The second circle is the “value proposition” and explains how we do something.  The third circle is about what we do, and explains the products or services that we provide.  

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Sinek states that successful businesses understand the importance of the why and look for people who believe what they believe and therefore will be more interested in what you do because you have already agreed on the most important consideration, the why.  Sinek shares that this is not just his opinion but a matter of science.  The old saying that says you buy through emotion and rationalize your purchase through logic, is exactly the case.  The why is attached to the emotional aspect of your brain and creates the “feeling” needed for you to act.  The parts of your brain that address the concerns of what and how are logical and are quick to postpone a decision because it just “doesn’t feel right.”  In other words your logical brain is seeking connection with the emotional part of your brain.  This is how decisions are made and action is taken.

When you read Sinek’s book you understand how important it is that we speak about our mission and values.  It is this information that will be the draw for those around us who are of like minds.  By finding this common ground we are able to answer the call to action, and in the case of afterschool create a positive, caring learning environment for youth.

I would suggest that you read this excellent book.  You can also view the author giving an inspiring TED Talk on the subject below.

This post is part of our "What We're Reading" series, an effort in which we hope to model our philosophy of lifelong learning and development. Each post in the series will feature a book that one our C4K team members is currently reading (or re-reading!). If you have a suggestion for a book we should be reading, let us know by commenting below or sending us the title here. Happy reading! 

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