Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Win-Win Opportunity

You know, once in a while you stumble across an opportunity that is good for everyone concerned.  C4K has found such an opportunity and is inviting you to participate.  For you, there is an opportunity to learn and earn some extra income for yourself and family.  For C4K all profits made will be donated to after-school programs that support youth.

So what is this opportunity that is educational, international, on the ground floor level, and simple to replicate?  It’s the iLivingApp.  The iLivingApp is a mobile app that provides you with the opportunity to both learn and earn.  It is an up-to-date App that will feature information on professional development, personal enrichment, time management, wealth building, health, goal setting, leadership and much more.  Once you sign up yourself you then have the opportunity to share with others and have them sign up with your personal link.  When they do this, you receive the credit and earn dollars.  It is still in its beta form, so sign up while it is still very early and secure your position!  FYI, these web-apps easily connect to existing social platforms. So sign up now.
Click on iLivingApp

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