Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Personally and Professionally—Are They Really Separate?

While we can probably agree that certain things we do are strictly personal or absolutely professional, it is foolish to assume that one does not inform the other.  We are each a single human being, not a compartmentalized entity with no “spill over”.  One of C4K’s success stories, Rosa commented:

I was “coached, mentored, role modeled and guided [in] turning theory discussions into real life situations. [I] learned how to lead and motivate people and help them become the best they could be. As I learned these significant skills I found myself applying them into my everyday life. I used these skills to solve my personal problems and improve my relationships with family and friends. The skills I learned in those weekly trainings I still use today. I learned many skills but the one that I use the most often is to never assume anything. Going into a conversation or any situation, always go into it open minded until you get all the information by asking questions."

The link between personal and professional growth and development in the afterschool arena is tangible, especially when those skills are focused on how to relate to youth and how to teach, support, affirm, and inspire them.  C4K was built on a Holistic System that is supported by an Individual System.  The Holistic System takes a look at the different aspects of your life and is set up to help you find harmonic balance among the many facets of your life.  The Individual System lays out a concrete plan to follow to ensure that you deal successfully with your life, holistically, from mindset to the move forward.

With that in mind, C4K has developed a comprehensive staff development system of written, audio, and visual training available to subscribers 24/7 from any computer with web access.  Check out our Mini on Goal Setting

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