Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Youth Work Is Professionalizing!

In the Winter, 2013 edition of After School Today, a magazine published by the National Afterschool Association, Margo Herman published an article entitled “Youth Work is Professionalizing!”  http://www.mydigipub.com/publication/index.php?m=24931&l=1  In this article Herman acknowledges the increase in the number of “competency frameworks, certificate programs and college degrees in youth development that are increasing across the country.”  She then goes on to list the Core Competencies into ten content areas:

1.       Child and Youth Growth and Development 
2.       Learning Environment and Curriculum
3.       Child/Youth Observation and Assessment
4.       Interactions With Children and Youth
5.       Youth Engagement
6.       Cultural Competency and Responsiveness
7.       Family, School, and Community relationships
8.       Safety and wellness
9.       Program Planning and Development
10.   Professional Development and Leadership
      We at C4K have long believed in the importance of strengthening afterschool programs by supporting the adults who work with youth through comprehensive staff development programs.  In fact, that is the entire purpose of our C4K website.  We believe that we have a perfect solution to providing ongoing training and staff development to those who want to work with youth in our Vocational Training and Online Instruction Systems—both of which can be tracked through a Learning Management System.  Our information and content is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any computer with web access.  We also know that with this type of training the precious face-to-face time can be spent on coaching staff to successful implementation.  Check out C4K by clicking on these link: 

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