Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dale’s Cone

Edgar Dale spent some time thinking and learning about how people learn and he developed the following schematic which is available on line at "Brain Friendly Trainer"

You can see by looking at the graphic that Dale wanted to know to what degree the modality of learning effects the retention of new information.  As you can see the Cone is divided into 2 sections, passive and active learning.  It is also apparent that 90% retention is achieved by actually doing something in a real or simulated manner, or in a vivid and dramatic presentation.  70% mastery is gained by receiving information and then participating in discussion or sharing in some other way what you’ve learned.   50% retention is gained by seeing and hearing the information given.  The C4K Staff Development System clearly handles what you can read (Vocational Training and e-Books), what you can hear (audio version of Vocational Training), what you can see and hear (Online Instruction in the form of Minis, Modules, Lessons and Classes).  Each of the Online Instruction Minis and Modules come complete with questions and discussion topics so the viewer can think and talk about what was just seen and heard.  The Walk Through A Day portion of Vocational Training is geared to the simulation of the real experience, and asks questions to help the reader think through what has just been learned. 

But the most exciting thing about Consult 4 Kids is that C4K provides rich and consistent content so the people who work directly with frontline staff and site coordinators can cap off the information by coaching and supporting the field while “doing the real thing”.  This is a powerful use of time, and this time is possible because the content is delivered 24/7 through the C4K System.  C4K understands the importance of both acquiring information and knowledge and the process of implementing that information.  If you need help with implementation, through our live, face-to-face training and field coaching, we guide and lead folks through simulations and real experiences.  We coach and support, and while doing so, build the capacity of the group to do the same for one another.
To learn more about the C4K Staff Development System, check out our website at www.cosultfourkids.com or communicate with us at support@consultfourkids.com

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