Wednesday, April 24, 2013

School Age Care Tester

Who is taking care of our children?  According to the National Association of Child Care Referral Agencies (NACCRA), over 600,000 child care workers can be found in child care centers across the United States caring for millions of children. 
Who is paying for this care?  Child Care Aware of America shares that in the United States about 90 percent of the cost of child care is assumed by parents.  This is supplemented by more than $10 billion in government money that is spent annually by the states for child care.
Are these staff members prepared to be positive role models and mentors for youth that families want?  The key to a strong and profitable school age care program is well-trained staff who can deliver a high quality program while building strong, positive relationships with youth.  Although there are education requirements that must be met to enter the child care field, refresher courses and “bench building” is critical.  School Age Care is a relationship-based business and staff needs support in learning how to build solid relationships with youth while engaging them in meaningful, active, and collaborative learning opportunities. 
C4K’s School Age Care Basics and make training available to your staff 24/7 through our online instruction portal.  There are over 110 videos (minis, modules, lessons, and classes) that share best practices for Relationship Building, the Ages and Stages young people “age through”, Project-Based Learning, helping with homework, dealing with parents, and creating the “place to be after 3:00.”  Katie Taylor shared, “When you are dealing with people it’s all about communication, communication, communication and I feel I have improved the way I communicate with my husband, family, friends, and even my own children. I think back to the countless hours of youth development training each time [I am with my children} The training I received was invaluable and I am often reminded of how lucky I was to have been able to be a part of it. I will continue to apply the valuable [C4K] teachings to every aspect of my life."
Get your subscription to the School Age Care Staff Development Program coming soon. C4K also offers a multi-site user agreement that will significantly lower the cost when there are multiple sites involved. Go online at and check take advantage of this opportunity by clicking on the Online Store link.  Or if you have further questions, contact us at or by calling (661) 322-4347.

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