Friday, April 12, 2013

Science Symphony

Have you ever watched the Science Symphony videos?  They are wonderful!  The symphony combines music, information delivered by some of the greatest minds in science, amazing pictures and visuals, into 3-6 minutes of interesting and entertaining symphony.  If you are trying to jumpstart interest in science with your students, this might be a perfect way.
I found these videos quite by accident when I was looking for some “science music” (although I’m not really sure what that would be) that we could play behind an electronic photo album of students participating in a science fair.  The Science Symphony popped up. 
My favorite is The Quantum World which begins with Morgan Freeman asking the question, “What are we really made of?”  It goes onto discuss the fact that quantum theory explains the world differently and describes the universe as being made up of 12 particles of matter and 4 forces of nature combined in ways that are hard to imagine. 

Another one that definitely interesting is The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science).  This highlights numerous scientists who talk about the importance of science.  Carl Sagan, Jacob Bronowski, and Richard Dawkins, all weigh in.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks of being scientifically literate and how the world looks different when you have this literacy and you are empowered to see new things.  Jill Tarter shares that the story of humans is a story of ideas that shine light into the dark corners of understanding.  Brian Greene says that we are all part of a larger universe of reality.  If you are interested in hearing from the most renowned scientists, check out the Symphony of Science and watch it.
C4K has some instructional videos that focus on STEM Education.  For a quick overview, click on this 
What is STEM?  and watch it.  If you want more information, contact us

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