Friday, November 29, 2013

Hands-On and Minds-On

The LIAS (Learning in Afterschool and Summer) Principles tell us that learning should be active, collaborative, meaningful, supports mastery, and expands horizons.  Let’s look a little closer at the descriptor for the principle that Learning Is Active.  It says, “Learning and memory recall of new knowledge is strengthened through different exposures—seeing, hearing, touching, and doing. 

Afterschool and summer activities should involve young people in “doing” activities that allow them to be physically active, stimulate their innate curiosity, and that are hands-on and project-based.” 
This definition links closely with the Habits of the Mind, especially:  gathering data through all senses, applying past knowledge to new situations, and responding with wonderment and awe.  These habits of the mind are absolutely in the “wheelhouse” of afterschool which provides  the perfect incubator for projects that are identified, designed and developed by youth.  Ensuring that the experience for youth is both hands-on and minds-on indicates that youth are taking the lead on the project and making key decisions and thinking critically.  Projects like this are ripe with relationship-based collaboration, relevance, and are rigorous enough to peak interest.

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