Friday, November 15, 2013

Rethinking Education

A recent article was posted entitled “Rethinking Education”.  The author, Tio, suggests that it is time to rethink our educational system which “is so embedded into the monetary system that it’s almost impossible to separate the two.”  Tio contends that youth “spend 12-20 years or more studying to mainly become a worker to pay your way through life on planet Earth.”  He goes on to say he does not believe that school educated him at all.  He learned what was important to him from his father (driving a car), movies (how to speak English), creating websites, and even swimming” without any formal teaching.  He concludes that “pretty much everything else of value to my life and living, I learned on my own from my personal life experience.” 

How many of our young people experience formal education in the same way as Tio?  In his scenario, education is endured while learning happens outside the traditional system.  Certainly we are rethinking education as a whole, but turning the ship of K-12 education is a slow process.  On the other hand, afterschool and summer programs, led by leaders who have a passion for supporting youth as they develop, have a wonderful opportunity to provide more authentic learning experiences.  Project-based learning, community service, and service learning are all authentic learning opportunities.  What authentic learning do you offer?  Share your projects with Consult 4 Kids by sending them to  You can read "Tio’s Entire Article" 

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